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Children, Teens and Families


Family Therapy

Collaborating with a family therapist can help restore positive family dynamics and improve communication skills. Our approach to family therapy involves analyzing relationships and communication patterns to establish respect and boundaries in the home environment.

Our ultimate objective is to ensure that every family member feels valued, heard, and respected. During our sessions, we create a safe space where children and teenagers can express their thoughts and emotions freely.

As family therapists, we recognize that each individual contributes to the family dynamic. Even when working with a single client, we take into account their upbringing, relationships, and past experiences.

Our family therapists offer support to families dealing with a range of issues, including power struggles, separation, divorce, infidelity, trauma, life transitions, conflict resolution, emotional reactivity, estrangement, anger, and boundary-setting.

Childrens Therapy

Our child therapists have extensive experience working with clients aged four and above. We utilize a combination of play therapy, mindfulness, art therapy, and behavioral interventions to engage our young clients. Through therapeutic play, we can address a child's mental health needs in a language they can comprehend.

We assist our child clients in developing and enhancing essential skills such as emotion identification, empathy-building, behavioral management, problem-solving, self-awareness, self-esteem, emotion expression, and coping techniques.

Many of our child therapy clients seek our services due to a significant change in their family or life, experiencing a loss, struggling socially or academically, or requiring emotional and/or behavioral support.

Our therapists involve parents and caregivers throughout the therapeutic process, as research indicates that children benefit the most from therapy when family members are active participants. By including the family, the child can apply what they have learned at home and practice it there, benefiting the entire household.

Teen Therapy

Being a teenager is tough, to say the least. From academic stress to social anxiety, complex relationships, mood swings, anxiety, and significant life changes, it's beneficial to have professional support.

During this critical period of development, meeting with a therapist can prevent minor issues from escalating into major ones.

Many of our teenage clients seek therapy due to anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, challenging family dynamics, academic stress, social difficulties, trauma, grief, gender identity exploration, substance use, and/or low self-esteem.

Our teen therapists are approachable and engaging, providing a secure environment for clients to explore their thoughts, emotions, and actions. We offer after-school appointments and virtual sessions to make therapy more accessible for the teens we work with.

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