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Nathalie Potts, Student Intern

Hi, my name is Nathalie Potts, and I am a graduate student at Liberty University working to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am a mother to two beautiful girls, and I have been married to my husband for 20 years. Jacksonville has been our home city since we graduated from college, and we love it here.

¡obtained my bachelor's degree from Florida State University and worked in the world of education for 15 years. I have experience working with preschool, elementary, and high school ages. I have worked with kids in ESE programs and gifted students. My last vears of teaching were spent as a preschool director. Even though I loved the education world and teaching, this desire blossomed into helping individuals in a different way. I spent years supporting children, families, and teachers. It further confirmed this call into the mental health field.

I believe in a client-centered approach to counseling. As a counselor, I will guide the clients through their healing journey. I believe in coming alongside the client to empower them to establish goals and desired outcomes through a safe, secure, and comforting environment.

My faith in Christ has been my foundation. We live in a fallen world, and I believe Jesus is our ultimate healer and provider. God has provided the way through His Word and wisdom. I love to point people to Christ and share how our identity can be found in Him. I am happy to incorporate a Biblical worldview during sessions at the client's request.

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$35  per Session


Lets start healing!

+1 (904) 254-0905

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